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7 Reasons Why Longer Antarctica Trips are a Must

Sheltered bays and channels sparkle with ice and reflect towering mountain peaks coated in permanent snow. Icebergs of every size and description complete an image of incomparable beauty. This is the vast wilderness of the last-discovered continent: raw, pristine, fragile and uncompromisingly polar. But this part of the world has many faces, and the Southern and South Atlantic Oceans hosts several other destinations worth visiting besides the ethereal continent itself.

Along with shorter itineraries, Poseidon Expeditions offers a three-week-long Antarctic voyage, including South Georgia, the Falkland Islands, the South Shetland Islands, and the Antarctic Peninsula. We take our time to discover all of the wonders this region has to offer. Here are seven reasons why you should consider choosing a longer cruise:

1. To see King Penguins

These big guys – the second largest species of penguin in the world – are truly the symbol of Antarctica – neatly dressed in their finest black-and-white attire, sporting bright golden plumage. On South Georgia’s legendary beaches, the beautiful king penguins are gathered in huge colonies that stretch from sandy shorelines to the foothills of glaciated mountains. Thousands upon thousands of birds – something you won’t experience anywhere else in the world. In fact, you will hardly see such vast colonies of any penguin species anywhere on the Peninsula.

2. To Make up for the Long Flights

Most people have to go through long overnight flights to get to Antarctica. Traveling to the southernmost reaches of the planet is often quite time-consuming but definitely worth the effort. With a shorter cruise, the time spent on the road can almost be equal to the duration of the voyage. And if you have to travel so far, you might as well see as much as you can!

3. To Visit all the Region's Must-Sees at Once

If you are hesitant to invest the time and money in a longer cruise, you may choose to start with our classic Antarctic voyage that only lasts 10 to 11 days, mainly focusing on the Peninsula. But falling in love with Antarctica is inevitable – and most of our passengers come back again to experience South Georgia and the Falklands, neither of which are included in the shorter itinerary. It’s wise to consider experiencing all of this region in one trip!

4. To Encounter Abundant Wildlife

Not only famous for king penguins, South Georgia also boasts a wide variety of birdlife in staggering abundance. The island is home to albatross, petrels, prions, skuas, shags, gulls, terns, and the carnivorous South Georgia pintail duck. This is a fantastic place to witness the breeding behavior of the world’s largest seabird, the wandering albatross. Marine mammals are also counted in the millions: the island’s beaches are packed with fur seals and elephant seals jostling for space.

5. To Follow in the Footsteps of Shackleton

On a cruise that includes South Georgia, you can comfortably follow the historic route taken by a famous polar explorer, Sir Ernest Shackleton. Learn more about the history of his endeavors first-hand and experience the vastness of the polar sea, both impressive and humbling. In Grytviken, South Georgia, you can visit the legendary explorer's grave.

6. To Experience the Local Lifestyle

Living on the windswept Falkland islands in the middle of nowhere must be as extraordinary as it sounds. During our voyage, we schedule a visit to Stanley, the charmingly British capital of the Falklands. Attractions within pleasant walking distance along the waterfront promenade include a museum, the governor’s house, a cathedral with impressive whalebone arch outside, a war memorial, quality gift shops, pubs, and views of shipwrecks in the harbor.

7. To Take the Most Stunning Nature and Wildlife Shots

An albatross, great wings outstretched, glides to the ground beside its downy chick. Two bull elephant seals stage a ferocious battle against a backdrop of glaciers. An iceberg casts its reflection upon water rippling with the motion of penguins. The varied landscapes and wealth of wildlife allow for taking the best possible pictures, with both professional camera equipment and a smartphone.

The extended itinerary allows you to explore all of the highlights of the Falklands, South Georgia, the South Shetland Islands, and the Antarctic Peninsula.
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